Monday, 3 February 2014

Twisted priorities

So, in the UK, this January, just passed, seems to have been the wettest winter month in nearly 250 years.  As storms lash Wales and the South Coast and here, in Shetland it is said to be the worst weather for 20 years.  The head of the UK Environment Agency has warned that we will face tough choices between saving the countryside or the urban areas.  The bigots have claimed that this is divine retribution for the legalisation of equal marriage, and some in the US seem to say it is chemtrails and HAARP use by sinister government organisations. 
This seems to me to be a mechanism to avoid accepting the responsibility which we in the "developed" nations bear.   Yes the corporate-state bears responsibility as fracking and deep water drilling and the rest are subsidised and protected and rewarded, but we as individuals also bear a heavy load of responsibility.  If we are to do anything to adapt or even to mitigate the oncoming crisis, then we need to accept this and get our priorities straight

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